Grantees are required to submit their reports using the online grants application and management system.

While reports for grants awarded in each program area—e.g., Clinical Care—are distinct, all reports must include the following components.

The narrative section of the reports will describe specifically the progress made toward reaching the goals of the project.

You will be asked to provide an update on the measurable outcomes included in your grant application, including the number served and anticipated health outcomes.

The financial section of the reports will compare the budget with actual costs.

You can download and print the full set of questions from the online grant application and management system.

Reporting Deadlines and Renewed Requests
The interim progress reports for grants are due six months after a grant is awarded to your organization. Final reports must be received and approved by the Foundation before any subsequent proposals will be reviewed. For organizations submitting proposals to be reviewed one year from their last grant, the final reports will cover a ten-month period rather than a full twelve months in order to meet the proposal and materials deadline. In such cases, the narrative report should discuss all activities that have occurred in the grant period to date, with a description of the projected activities for the remaining months covered by the grant. Financial reports should include, when necessary, a fourth column describing how and when the remaining funds will be expended.

If you have questions, please contact the Foundation’s Program Officer.